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Begur is the ideal holiday location for families and Haven On Earth offer the largest choice of villas and apartments in Begur ranging from the luxurious to the rustic for holiday rental and sale. 

You can browse our selection of holiday accommodation below via your specific requirements. You can also email us with your requirements and we can recommend the best options for you based on what you want. All of our staff have visited Begur and so feel free to speak to us if you need help deciding.

Begur is positioned on the highest point in the area offering superb views to the surrounding countryside and coastline. Begur town offers the ideal retreat for families looking to enjoy an evening out in a traditional Spanish town brought up to date by the demands of the current holiday maker. Ample parking and a fantastic range of restaurants offering Catalan, Spanish, Italian, Cuban and more fine dining experiences at competitive rates.

The old square comes alive in the summer months with live music, traditional dancing and families enjoying a drink and some tapas before heading off to one of the many fabulous restaurants. As a family run business we own villas in Begur and spend our holidays here so there is not much we don't know about this location.

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Begur villas

Begur is the main area that we specialise in. As a family business, Haven On Earth own a small number of villas in Begur. In addition to our private villas Haven On Earth has a very extensive range of villas, masias and apartments surrounding this enchanting hill top town. Begur is 3km from the coast and has an abundance of villas with fantastic views over the coastline and town of Begur which at night is a magical site with the lights coming from the old town and castle at the top of the hill.

Haven On Earth have personally visited the majority of villas in this area and so offer very comprehensive descriptions and recommendations for your holiday accommodation. We know that the small things like outdoor furniture, size of the pool and bedroom configurations are important to you and so we pride ourselves in knowing these details and if we don't, we aim to get that information to you the same day.

Haven On Earth offer that little bit more to our clients than what is available for dates requested. We will offer and recommend properties based on your requirements and prioritise with the aim of providing you with the ideal holiday accommodation. So if you do not fancy browsing through our large range of properties get in touch and we can do the searching for you.

Begur Summary

The Begur region of the Costa Brava has long been the preferred holiday destination for wealthy Barcelonans alike. A charming medieval town, just an hour and a half drive north from Barcelona, Begur is steeped in history from its historic squares and churches to its medieval castle constructed in the 16th century and strategically situated at the town's crown, on top of a hill in the centre of Begur.

This fortunate area of the Costa Brava has remained undeveloped and free from unsightly tower blocks and large developments, mainly due to its particularly rugged coast line, making it difficult to build in the region. The name ‘Costa Brava' loosely translates as ‘wild or rough coast'. It remains one of the most magical places in the Mediterranean. Time has been particularly kind to the Begur region; the area has remained quintessentially Catalonian and has retained its unique identity, unspoilt by tourism and devoid of English pubs, all day fry-ups and karaoke bars that plague some less fortunate coastal regions in the Costa Brava.

During the summer months, Begur's old square enjoys a buzzing atmosphere where families enjoy a variety of entertainment; locals performing traditional dances, live music or just visitors enjoying a quick drink before they head to one of the many other local bars or Catalonian restaurants along the winding alleys of the old town. Most restaurants serve a large selection of traditional tapas dishes and renowned regional stews, however, there is also Italian, Indian and Cuban cuisine on offer up towards the ‘new square' which was created in 2008 due to the abundance of visitors that flock to Begur during peak season.. For those that want to purchase gifts for family and friends, there are a selection of small shops and smart boutiques selling a variety of unique clothes, homewares, art and jewellery.

A pleasant way to spend an afternoon in Begur is to take a walk up to castle remains and take a look through the viewpoints in the castle walls. From here one can see over the old town and the surrounding coastline, where once upon a time pirates could be spotted attempting to invade the region. From the 12th to 18th centuries, pirates and corsairs subjected this coastline to many attacks, raiding homes and kidnapping locals. Ransom demands were made and in cases where no ransom was paid, the captives were often sold as slaves in North Africa and Europe.

The area has a strong Cuban influence and one will find that many of the restaurants and bars serve fantastic Mojito cocktails! In the 19th century many of Begur's residents left the country and headed to Cuba for better opportunities. Many families became very wealthy whilst in Cuba and upon their return to Begur, influenced by their travels, they created ornate Cuban style colonial houses. These can still be seen around Begur town.

Every year on September 6th, 7th and 8th, Begur celebrates the ‘Fira d'Indians'; a festival that celebrates Begur's deep connection with Cuba and commemorates the historical events that played a huge role in creating the unique style and identity that Begur possesses today. Over this period Begur enjoys a wide range of activities from dancing, period reconstructions, craft fairs, exhibitions, street markets, live music, Cuban cuisine and of course, those famous Mojitos!

September is a busy month for festivities in this region. September 11th celebrates Catalonia's National Day, a celebration commemorating Catalonia's independence from Spain. This is a National holiday and celebrations take the form of live music, craft fairs, plenty of children's activities and traditional dancing in the town squares. The dance most commonly performed on this occasion is called ‘Sardanes', a Catalonian folk dance

Restaurants in Begur

We have been to many of the restaurants in and around Begur and have listed ones that we can recommend below:

Can Torrades - Just off the square with fishing boat in the entrance hall. Very unique restaurant offering Catalan cuisine in the various areas they have inside and outside. Good value and very good food in traditional Calonial setting.

Galena Mas Comangau - Situated 5 mins walk out of the town towards Aiguablava on the right hand side. Very nice and relaxed atmosphere in this restaurant and small hotel. Very good steak and Pillella.

Rostei Begur - Situated just off the square this is one of my favourite restaurants serving very good seafood in a beautiful setting on their terrace with tables surrounding a large tree.

Surrounding villages

Calella de Palafrugell

Some of the most inviting towns are southeast of Girona. Calella de Palafrugell embodies the appeal of the region. The main activity here is simply soaking in the beauty of the forested cliffs hugging the beach and the rock formations jutting into the azure Mediterranean. This can be done quite nicely while sunning on the sand or sitting in a seaside cafe. Or, for those feeling more active, a 30-minute-long, cliff-top walk beside the sea provides panoramic views on the way to Llafranch, another scenic village.


A number of the villages in this region have artistic and historic as well as scenic attractions. Atop a hill and on the way to the coast is Pals, a 12th-century walled town that has won awards for its careful restoration. Tossa de Mar, another medieval settlement, is known for the dramatic defence towers guarding the old centre of town.

Residencial Begur

Residencial Begur is just on the edge of the town of Begur itself. Due to the nature of Begur`s winding streets and its situation on a hill, many local Catalans have chosen to set up residence in the large forested area of Residencial Begur. This area is good for families as many of the properties here have large fenced off grounds with pool and barbecue areas and it is still only approximately 3km from the beautiful beaches and coves the Begur area has to offer.

Residencial Begur has its own swimming pool complex and tennis courts, the use of which are available for a small fee.

Casa de Campo

Slightly further south of Residencial Begur is CASA DE CAMPO, which is set in the beautiful Catalan countryside about 2km inland from Tamariu, and is an old established area where a few villas have been discreetly built amongst the pinewood hills. Ideal for those seeking complete peace and quiet in a countryside setting yet within easy striking distance of the lovely coast which is 10 minutes away by car or a 30 minute walk down a woodland path.


The coves along the Begur Coast, between Aiguablava and Sa Riera, are said to be the most beautiful of the whole Costa Brava. The coves of Aiguablava, a name connected with the intense blue of its waters, where the state run Parador lies, and Fornells, which lies before Begur, are justly called "shining scenery" because of their colour and transparency. There, accommodation is compatible with peace and quiet.

Begur lies in a semicircle around a hill on which a castle stands, the 5 huge towers of which are officially protected as a site of national importance. The castle is of the 15 Century and was occupied during the War of Independence. From there the beach of Pals, the Medes Islands and the Emporda plain can be seen. The narrow, winding streets with the portico galleries of the houses are typical. These buildings belonged to the so called Indianos, natives of Begur, who emigrated in the 19 Century and returned rich.

Sa Tuna and Aiguafreda

After rounding the Cape of Begur, leaving a rough coast, the Bay of Sa Tuna provides the first contrast: the beach of eternally peaceful waters skirts a fishing village, where a 14 Century fountain and the ruins of a medieval tower are preserved and shared with the summer visitors. Aiguafreda is the next lovely cove of the characteristics described. Sa Riera was nothing but a fishing village a few years ago due to the abundance of anchovy and sardines; today its beautiful beach has a modern tourist centre from where the Medes Islands can be seen in the distance. Extract from the Costa Brava guide."

Article on Begur from one of our clients

Article taken from Sunday express. Written by clients who stayed in our villa 001G. "SIMPLY mention the Costa Brava and for many it conjures up an image of Elsbels and the fictional Spanish resort from Carry On Abroad. Anyone booking a holiday here would surely be as dim as the hapless tour guide played by Kenneth Williams: Stuart Farquhar. Or as each guest asked when our hero introduced himself: Stupid what..?

The coast is associated with package-holiday hell: theme pubs, all-day breakfasts and sprawling beachfront developments. I reflect on this as I sip my second glass of cava after tucking into a mouth-watering feast of fresh seafood. For here I am enjoying local bounty on the Costa Brava and I find the place more Charles Dance than Charles Hawtrey (who played the nerdy, bespectacled character Eustace Tuttle).

The smaller towns of the Catalan coastline have an effortless class - and Begur, where I am staying - is among the classiest. Europe`s most sophisticated take their holidays in Barcelona, and Barcelona`s most sophisticated take their holidays in Begur. For most of the year it has a population of 3,986, which can swell to more than 40,000 in the height of summer.

Built across three hills, its 16th-century castle dominating one of them, Begur has narrow, cobbled streets with smart boutiques, tapas bars and artists selling their wares. The town is blessed with spectacularly wild countryside on its doorstep - here the Costa Brava lives up to its name of the rugged coast. Its centrepiece is the shell of the medieval castle that commands stunning views of orchards and olive groves as far as the eye can see.

Within a short drive there are a string of hill towns built of honey-coloured stone, with plenty of shady nooks in which to pass a lazy afternoon. And far below it all are the glittering coves. Just a 15-minute drive down the winding coast road and you will be paddling in the family-friendly, clear, shallow waters of Aiguablava with its small pebbly beach. Another short hop along the coast and you can enjoy the watersports of Fornells. Then there is Cala Fonda, reached via a winding hill path and Sa Riera, the largest beach in the area.

Begur itself is surrounded by villas mostly owned by Catalans, although many are available for rent. Lazing on the pool-side terrace of our villa, La Julivia, we could take in the entire panorama of golden coastline and rolling pine-covered hills. It felt a million miles from the concrete jungle of its near neighbour Lloret de Mar. But that is because Spain is changing. And nowhere is that change more dramatic than in the fiercely independent region of Catalonia. This is the home to Carme Chacon, Spain`s first female head of the armed forces. Having last week given birth, she will also be the first government minister to take maternity leave.

You could enjoy any meal here as long as it was battered, deep-fried and served with chips. Now it is home to the world`s best restaurant. The three Michelin-starred El Bulli, just up the coast from Begur in the town of Roses, is run by Ferran Adria and his team of 42 superchefs. Adria a cook every bit as mercurial in the kitchen as that other local legend Pablo Picasso was on the canvas.

The tiny restaurant can handle only 8,000 diners a season who come for dishes such as freeze-dried shaved foie gras, cauliflower couscous and Spanish omelette served in a martini glass. With 800,000 people calling to make a reservation, that`s a lot of diners fighting for every table. On top of that, bookings for the £200-a-head home of molecular gastronomy are taken only on a single day in October, for the next year.

Luckily the region is blessed with scores of great restaurants, where you can eat for far less. A meal for two, with wine, will set you back around £24. The wait for a table will be minutes rather than the months required at El Bulli.. that really is too much of a Carry On.


easyJet (0905 821 0905/ offers return flights from eight UK airports to Barcelona from �36.

Auto Europe (0800 358 1245/ offers car hire in Barcelona from £36 per day.

Haven On Earth (020 8941 1700/ offers a range of villas and apartments on the Costa Brava. Seven nights at La Julivia costs from£1,185 per week (eight sharing).

Spanish National Tourist Office: 020 7486 8077/


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Villa in Begur, Costa Brava
Ref: 001G


  • Exclusive to Haven on Earth
  • Traditional villa in BEGUR
  • Panoramic sea and country views
  • Large pool
  • Heated pool option
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 4 Bathrooms
  • Table tennis
  • Sleeps 8-9

Townhouse to Rent in Begur
Ref: 001RBC


  • Townhouse to rent in Begur
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Large garden
  • Private pool
  • BBQ
  • 6 Sleeps

Villa to Rent in Begur, Costa Brava
Ref: 003P


  • Stunning detached villa
  • Sea and country Views
  • Large private Pool
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms + Cloakroom
  • Covered and Open Terraces
  • WIFI
  • Air Conditioning & room fans
  • Sleeps 10

Villa for rent in Begur, Costa Brava
Ref: 003P6


  • Small group rates in spacious villa
  • Private pool
  • Sea views
  • garden
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms & cloakroom
  • High standard
  • Airconditioning
  • WIFI
  • Internet TV-uk channels
  • Sleeps 6

Villa to Rent in Begur, Costa Brava
Ref: 004C


  • Begur
  • Detached Villa
  • Private Swimming Pool
  • BBQ
  • Parking
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Air Conditioning
  • Private Garden
  • Covered and Open Terrace
  • Sleeps 6

Villa to Rent in Begur, Costa Brava
Ref: 004P


  • Exclusive to Haven on Earth
  • High standard modern villa
  • Walk to Begur
  • Large heated private pool 12x5m and garden
  • Table tennis table
  • Aircon throughout
  • Sea and Landscape views
  • 3D Satellite TV, Blu-Ray & DVD
  • WiFi
  • 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms
  • Sleeps 12

Apartment for rent in Begur, Costa Brava
Ref: 005BC


  • Apartment in Begur
  • Stunning views
  • Terrace
  • Open kitchen
  • Fireplace
  • Living-dining room
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 shower/bathrooms
  • Sleeps 4

Villa in Begur - town, Costa Brava
Ref: 006P


  • Immaculately presented
  • Detached Villa with large pool
  • Sea views
  • Aircon
  • WIFI & Sat TV
  • 3 Bedrooms & 4 Bathrooms
  • Lawned Garden
  • Covered & Open Terraces & BBQ
  • Sleeps 6-7

Villa in Begur - town, Costa Brava
Ref: 006P4


  • Detached villa
  • Large private pool
  • sea views
  • Close Begur and beaches
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms ensuite
  • Poolside shower and changing room
  • WIFI
  • SAT TV
  • Terrace, garden & BBQ
  • Sleeps 4

Villa to Rent in Begur
Ref: 007P


  • Detached Villa
  • Private pool
  • WIFI
  • Internet TV
  • Air Conditioning
  • 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom
  • Covered and Open Terrace
  • Sleeps 4

Property to wish list.