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The largest and capital city of Portugal, Lisbon offers holiday-makers the opportunity to enjoy a city break with a smattering of additional contemporary city attractions. The ideal place to visit if you’re looking to experience a cityscape that’s complemented by coastal views and attractive amenities, Lisbon is one of the premier European tourist destinations. Separate from the bustling city, Lisbon villas nestled in tranquil beachside settings, give holiday-makers the chance to enjoy a contrasting holiday, where the best of both worlds can be enjoyed.


Our villas in Lisbon are situated in the popular coastal town of Cascais. This seaside town has long been a haven for the rich and famous and has attracted Portuguese aristocracy for generations. Located on the western edge of the Tagus estuary, between the Sintra mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, the region is synonymous with exquisite coastal ambience and scenic surroundings. Discover a region rich in culture and steeped in heritage, basking in the tantalising Mediterranean climate.

Lisbon Activities

Whether you’re heading to Lisbon for a romantic long weekend or have planned a week-long excursion and want to cram in as much as possible, you’ll find an abundance of activities to keep you occupied.

World-class restaurants, a rich artistic heritage and an abundance of culture are ever-present in one of Europe’s more remarkable capital cities. A staple on the must-visit list of every discerning travellers wish-list of cities to visit, Lisbon’s activities are one of the primary reasons the city is perpetually-visited by tourists the world over every single year.

Thinking of heading to Lisbon? Here’s a list of the hidden gems and coolest activities that are sure to keep you occupied during your stay.

MAAT – The Art, Architecture and Technology Museum

Eager to sample a little culture? If so, you simple must visit MAAT. The newest contemporary art museum to have opened its doors in Lisbon, MAAT’s aesthetic is one of the most notable – and eye-catching structures in Lisbon.

Originally opening its doors in 2016, this contemporary museum has already attracted a plethora of dedicated Instagrammers eager to snap a shot of one of the most distinctive buildings in Portugal’s capital. Designed by British architect, Amanda Levete, justifies regular pilgrimages for anyone intent on filling their Insta with unique, inspiring images.

Venture inside and you’ll discover a wealth of inspiring exhibitions. Don’t miss Joao Louro’s exhibition. Entitled Linguistic Ground Zero, this exhibition runs from November 2018 – April 2019 and is a must see, reflecting on historical inflection and its relationship with art and society.

 Feira da Landra

Fancy a spot of treasure hunting? No, we’re not talking about silver and gold, we’re talking about visiting Lisbon’s famed flea market. Here you’re find uniquely bespoke items that you can proudly display around the home – or even an intoxicating Portugal experience that you won’t soon forget.

The market is open every Tuesday and Saturday from 7am – 6pm. Hundreds of stalls await you selling trinkets and original souvenirs that shouldn’t be missed. Those with a love of all things vintage will find much to admire – and even if you don’t immediately gravitate to this sense of style, you’re likely to come around once you cast your eyes around the flea market.

Ride Tram 28

Thinking of taking trip? Fancy a day out with a twist? If so, there’s one journey that you should place high on your itinerary – riding tram 28. A journey that takes you from Moniz to Campo Ourique, riding tram 28 is a great way to understand Lisbon’s geography – and avoid those steep uphill climbs.

Certainly one of the most-famed of Lisbon’s tourist attractions, this is one attraction that tourists the world over take when visiting Lisbon. Be warned though, trams get very busy come Midday and a peak commuting time! To get the most out of your trip arrive early in the morning and experience a feast for your eyes.

Take a Day Trip to Sintra

Have you a day or so to spare and unsure of how best to spend your time? Take a day trip to Sintra. No list of attractions in Lisbon would be complete without visiting this weird and wonderful place.

Nestled in lush, green hills, Sintra is a cute village that’s surrounded by lush, green hills and eerily reminiscent of a fairy tale, the captivating landscape is matched only by its collection of palaces and castle. Romantic and similarly indicative of Lisbon’s history, Sintra is home to a wealth of attractions.  Whilst you’re here, don’t forget to visit Palacio da Pena. Declared a World Heritage site, this is the perfect place to take a romantic stroll with the person who you love the most.

Visit Cabo da Roca

In search of the highlight of your trip to Lisbon? Make sure that you visit Cabo da Roca. Situated on the westernmost point of mainland Europe, Cabo da Roca can feel like the end of the world.

Arrive and you’ll find much to explore. From the wild, rocky terrain to a distinctive lighthouse, restaurant and even a souvenir shop, this is the perfect place to get sweeping shots of the coastline and immersive photographs of one of the most stunning landscapes you’re likely to find anywhere in the Mediterranean.

A quick tip though: make sure that you bring a sweater. Stood atop the cliffs, you’ll immediately be struck by the breeze, so even if the skies are clear on the day of your visit, it may get a little chilly the higher you climb!

Lisbon offers a wealth of activities to suit everyone. These are only a smattering of the things that you can do to fill the time when holidaying in one of Europe’s most notable cities. The only question is, what do you fancy doing?

Lisbon Attractions

The capital of Portugal, Lisbonis one of Europe’s most picturesque and cosmopolitan cities. Set across a series of hills close to the mouth of the River Tagus, Lisbon is indistinguishably linked with Mediterranean coastline. Intrepid explorers of centuries past set sail for Portuguese shores in the 15th and 16th centuries to explore what was previously unchartered territory. This legacy and the golden Age of Discovery underpins much of Lisbon’s culture and heritage to this day.

Renowned for its warm climate, Lisbon is undoubtably one of Europe’s most colourful and vibrant destinations. Blessed with world class museums, historic monuments and a plethora of sights and experiences to enjoy, Lisbon offers an immersive riverbank promenade and luscious verdant parks and gardens – and that’s just a smattering of the beguiling charm the city offers. 

Steeped in a rich history, with traditions that endures to this day, Lisbon is one location where you’ll find much to see, learn and experience. The attractions are one of the primary reasons why holiday-makers return to the city year after year. So, what attractions should you make a point of not missing when in Lisbon? Check out our guide to the top attractions in Lisbon to find out more.

Castelo de Sao Jorge

Arguably the most recognisable of Lisbon’s attractions is St. George’s Castle. Commanding an imposing position atop a hill which overlooks the Portuguese capital close to Alfama, Castelo de Sao Jorge, is one of Lisbon’s most popular tourist attractions.

The castle features impressive battlements that have stood the test of time, an engaging museum filled with many antiquities that tell the story of times past and an archaeological site that’s indicative of Portugal’s past. Walls and towers encircle the grounds – and with plenty to keep children and adults entertained, the Castelo de Sao Jorge is the perfect afternoon out for the whole family, whether they’re history buffs or not.

Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

A true highlight of and sightseeing tour of Lisbon, this 16th century Jeronimos monastery has been heralded as one of the great landmarks of Portugal. A simply stunning landmark, effortlessly preserved throughout the ages, the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos is deserving of its UNESCO World Heritage Site accolade.

Located close to the waterfront in Lisbon’s Belem neighbourhood, the monastery was commissioned by King Manuel I in 1508 and is sometimes known as the Hieronymite convent. Built to honour Vasco da Gama’s epic 1498 voyage to India, the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos is the pinnacle of the Age of Discovery and is considered one of the most profound houses of worship in Portugal.

Oceanario de Lisboa

This contemporary aquarium is renowned as one of the finest in Europe – and is one of the largest in the world. Perfect for visitors of all ages, Oceanario de Lisboa is considered one of the most family-oriented attractions in Lisbon.

Designed by Peter Chermayeff and constructed for the Expo 98 World Exposition in an area known as Parque das Nacoes, the oceanarium is home to a plethora of striking marine animals, aquatic fish, and dozens of species of birds.

Children and adults alike can explore the different ecosystems. Graceful rays, bulbous sunfish, distinctive sea dragons, vibrant clownfish and sleek sharks all call the Oceanario de Lisboa home. Visit the oceanarium and peer through the plexiglass and you’ll even an Antarctic habitat where you’ll discover playful penguins and spirited sea otters!

Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

One of Lisbon’s great cultural attractions, the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga is Portugal’s national gallery and houses the largest collection of Portuguese paintings from the 15th and 16th century. Visit the museum and you’ll also discover equally-inspiring European, Oriental and African art – something that’s sure to appeal to art connoisseurs the world over.

Nestled to the west of Lisbon city centre in the grounds of a 17th century palace, the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga has been built atop the Saint Albert Carmelite monastery which was almost destroyed in a 1755 earthquake.

Set over three levels, the extensive permanent collection requires a good few hours of your time to explore. You’ll find artwork, furniture, tapestries and textiles amongst other exhibits, each of which exude the influences of Portugal’s colonial explorations.

Elevador de Santa Justa

Anyone looking for a more novel attraction needs only visit the Elevador de Santa Justa. Looming incongruously over the rooftops of downtown Lisbon, this neo-gothic elevator is one means of public transportation that visitors won’t forget in a hurry.

The wrought iron frame and battleship-grey paint invoke an image reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and there’s a reason why - architect Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard, an apprentice of Gustave Eiffel designed the elevator.

Today, rather than a primary mode of transportation, tourists flock to the elevator every year, travelling in wood cabins which still feature the same polished brass instruments, all the way to the top of the elevator.

These are just a handful of attractions that every Lisbon holiday-maker can’t afford to miss. Interested in learning more of Lisbon’s tourist attractions or the city itself? Get in touch with Haven on Earth today.

Lisbon Points of Interest

The capital – and biggest city – in Portugal, Lisbon has much to offer the thousands upon thousands of tourists who take the trip there every single year. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular cities to visit in the world, there’s much to draw, and keep tourists coming back year-on-year.

A sumptuous fusion tradition, rooted in a city that has not lost touch with times past, and contemporary modernity, there are many points of interest that tourists owe it to themselves to visit when coming to Lisbon.

But what are the sights that you simply cannot afford to miss? What should you make it a priority to visit when you arrive in one of the most identifiable cities in the world? Here’s the lowdown on the key points of interest that Lisbon has to offer.

Lisbon’s Historic Quarters

Any trip to Lisbon wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the city’s historic quarters. Drenched in traditional authenticity, you’ll find architecture and amenities that hark back to Lisbon’s past. Genuinely-friendly people and a taste Lisbon’s past waits for those eager to sample some heritage – and whilst you’re here why not take the opportunity to hear the real Lisbon fado!

Tour the beautiful Alfama quarter and you’ll be treated to an aesthetic of one of the oldest parts of the city. Located in the heart of the capital, this is the prototypical place to sample Portuguese culture. Stroll through narrowed streets, view flowered balconies, dine out at delectable eateries and see what daily life for those how live in Lisbon is really like. If you want to experience authentic Lisbon, the historic quarters are the place to be.

Lisbon’s Picturesque Viewpoints

Lisbon is known as the ‘city of seven hills’, a not entirely undeserving name when you consider that there are seven principal viewpoints scattered throughout the city. Collectively, these locations offer visitors an overall view of the city that’s both picturesque and emotive. Although, each be enjoyed for the gorgeous coastal and urban landscape alone.

Walking through the historic quarters and you’ll find one of these seven viewpoints. Sao Jorge Castle and the National Pantheon are clearly visible and accurately portray the marriage between historic and contemporary architecture that Lisbon so accurately exhibits. Venture to Senhora do Monte, Portas do Sol, Sao Pedro de Alcantra and Santa Catarina to be treated to similarly urbane and coastal views of one of the most striking and contrasting cities in the Mediterranean.

The Cathedral of Lisbon

Whether you have a deep spiritual life or enjoy exploring historical buildings you’ll certainly find to admire when visiting the Cathedral of Lisbon. Built in the second half of the 12th century, immediately after Lisbon was conquered from the Moors, the Cathedral of Lisbon stands as a striking symbol of Lisbon’s past.

Over the years, the cathedral has been enriched with varying architectonic styles. Romanesque Gothic and Baroque styles have been incorporated into the building. Unfortunately, a major earthquake in 1755 destroyed some original aspects of the cathedral. The beginning of the 20th century saw major refurbishment take place and the medieval beauty of the building was restored.

Praca do Comercio

The famed square, Praca do Comercio, also known as the Terreiro do Paco is one of the most recognisable and frequented points of interest in Lisbon. Located in downtown Baixa Pombalina facing the Tangus river, this fast expanse laps at the sea whilst presenting visitors with significant open concrete space that’s both distinctive and reminiscent of Portugal’s past.

Over the centuries, Praca do Comercio was where many heads of state disembarked for important meetings with Portuguese kings and queens, and the historical significance of the square cannot be overstated.

Not only were major global political events shaped here, but Portuguese history itself. It was here that the regicide of King Carlos I and his son perpetrated, an event that sparked the beginning of the end of the Portuguese monarchy.

National Pantheon

Considered to be one of the most emblematic buildings in Lisbon, no trip to the city would be complete without seeing the National Pantheon. The last residence of many important Portuguese historical figures, including Almeida Garrett, Amalia Rodrigues and Eusebio, the National Pantheon’s distinctive appearance is matched only its historical significance.

In addition to the tombs of presidents, writers and a slew of other historical figures, cenotaphs of Portuguese heroes like D. Nuno Alvares Pereira, Henry the Navigator and Pedro Alvares Cabral are also present at the National Pantheon.

These are five key points of interest that you should make the time to visit when in Lisbon. What’s clear is that whether you’ve an affinity for authentic Portuguese life, admire architectural marvels or a keen interest in the religious, political or social events that shaped Portugal – or even admire exquisitely-designed buildings, you’ll find much to interest you when visiting Lisbon.

Lisbon Shopping

It may not be Paris, London or Rome, but Lisbon still has a wealth of shopping boutiques, perfect for fashionistas. Stroll through the city and you’ll find chic shopping opportunities abound. Indulging yourself in high-line fashion is practically a prerequisite – especially for anyone with their eye on the latest collections of eminent designers.

Portugal has evolved to become an increasingly favourable destination to pick up exclusive apparel. This has been evidenced by the increasing amount of boutique shopping outlets that have opened across Lisbon in recent years.

You don’t need to travel far to find a boutique shopping outlet with a collection of exquisitely-striking and on-trend garments. Meander along the Avenida da Liberdade, Rua Augusta which leads into the historic downtown from Praca do Comercio or visit Rua Garrett in Chiado and you’ll discover locations teeming with shopping opportunities.

Interested in discovering the trendiest shopping opportunities that Lisbon has to offer? Check out our recommendations for Lisbon’s premier shopping boutiques.  


With branches throughout Lisbon, Lanidor is the staple fashion boutique in the city. Shops can be found downtown in Chiado and in shopping plazas – Centro Vasca da Gama, Amoreiras Shopping Centre and the Columbo Shopping Centre.

With a global presence, Lanidor may well be Portugal’s most famous shopping export. Known for their contemporary aesthetic and lines to suit women of all ages, Lanidor is one boutique where you’re certain to find signature, comfortable clothing.

Fashion Clinic

The Fashion Clinic is a boutique where bargains can be found, and where you’ll likely discover something for an elegant dinner soiree. Stylish glamour is on show all year round, with designs that are sure to turn heads as your walk the streets.

Situated in the fashion-forward Avenida da Liberdade, a stone’s throw from the metro opening, this fashionable downtown boutique has something for every occasion. Visit Fashion Clinic and you’ll discover a wealth of internationally-recognised brands. Everything from shoes to accessories is on display – and if the store gets too crowded, you can always visit their second location just a quick walk up the street.

A Vida Portuguesa

If you’ll looking to blend into the crowd with authentic Portuguese style or pickup an item that’ll make you the envy of your friends, you simply must check out A Vida Portuguesa. Why? It’s this boutique where you’ll find 100% Portuguese garments.

Shop for everything from jewellery to purses, shoes and scarves. You’ll even find speciality food items, books, textiles, soap – even gardening tools. Thinking of taking a memento of your trip home? A Vida Portuguesa is where you’ll find it!

Sapataria do Carmo

It’s often said that the shoes can bring a whole ensemble together. This is especially true if you’re heading for a night on the town. Sapataria do Carmo sells exquisite, handcrafted shoes that are exclusively made in Portugal.

Shop at Sapataria do Carmo and you can buy customised shoes that are individually handcrafted to your feet. You’ll struggle to find a better fitting pair of shoes anywhere else!

One of the older shops in Lisbon, Sapataria do Carmo originally opened its doors in 1904. Not in the market for a pair of delicately-designed shoes? Saptaria do Carmo also stocks smart business attire and boots – and even comfortable sneakers for walking the streets of Lisbon.


Thinking of heading out for an evening meal? Unsure of what to wear? If so, pay Gardenia a visit and choose from a selection of chic and hip clothing from some of the more noteworthy fashion designer’s collections.

Located in downtown Chiado, Gardenia is stocked with youthful, hip pieces that will make you feel confident, comfortable and vibrant. Discover Calvin Klein and Versace lines along with cutting-edge designers hoping to make their mark in the world of fashion design.


The last store that you really should visit when in Lisbon is Tous. Specialising in jewellery and purses, Tous is the perfect boutique store to pick up an accessory that is certain to complement your outfit – regardless of your individual style.

Located in the famed Rua Garett in Chiado, this elegant boutique store is named Ourivesaria Aliança, however the locals – and those in the know – call it by another name, Tous. Along with Sapataria do Carmo, Tous is one of the oldest shops in Lisbon, having originally opened its doors in 1909. If you visit Tous, don’t neglect to peek at the breath-takingly intricate jewellery on display. You won’t be disappointed!

If you plan to spend some time shopping in Lisbon, you really should visit one of these five stores. Whether you’re in desperate need of eveningwear for a romantic night out or an accessory to perfectly complement an outfit, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for!

Lisbon Golf

With 270 days of sunshine a year, inexpensive dining out and landscapes indicative of the Portuguese climate, it’s hardly surprising that Lisbon is one of the most frequented golfing holiday destinations in Europe.

Situated on the west wing of Portugal, Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world – older than even Paris, Rome and London by centuries. Whereas neighbouring Spain may have produced some of the most celebrated golfers of all time, including the great Seve Ballesteros, Miguel Angel Jimenez and a mainstay on the PGA and European tours, not too mention the Ryder Cup over the last two decades, Sergio Garcia, Portugal and notably Lisbon can boast some of the most admired golf courses in Europe.

With such a vast range of quality golf courses, it can be difficult for holiday-makers to decide which course to play. Fortunately, we have the answer. Travelling to Lisbon and don’t know which course to play? Check out one of these five breath-taking courses. You won’t be disappointed.

Praia D’El Rey Golf & Country Club

Leading publication, Golf World Magazine voted Praia D’El Rey the third best course in Portugal. That’s quite a feat when you consider that Portugal has some of the most celebrated golf courses in the world.

A course rich in scenic features and posing a significant challenge to even the most accomplished of golfers, vast and daunting bunkers guard perfectly manicured greens of all shapes and sizes. Holes 12-15 deserve a special mention. Stretching the length of the coast, these holes offer stunning coastal views and a unique challenge to even the most accomplished of golfers.

Reach the 17th and you’ll be presented with a monstrous uphill par 5 that measures more than 620 yards. Pinpoint accuracy is required, especially on days when the Atlantic breeze swirls around the course. Truly a great day out and challenge for any golfer.

Oitavos Dunes Golf Course

Meshing perfectly with the picturesque surroundings of the Sintra-Cascais National Park, Oitavos Dunes Golf Course is one of the most well-designed and meticulously maintained golf courses in Lisbon.

Tee off on the front nine and you’ll be immediately stuck by the fabled treelines and hidden greens, making the front nine feel like a parkland course. This completely changes on the back nine. The course opens, and players are presented with the vast Atlantic Ocean.

It’s this juxtaposition that compels players to visit Octavos Dunes golf course again and again. On a blustery day, the course almost feels like links golf and with each hole presenting a unique challenge, it’s no surprise that players come back again and again.

Quinta da Marinha Golf Course

Nestled on the picturesque Estoril Coast, a mere 25km from Lisbon, Quinta da Marinha golf course was designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones Sr. Set in a private estate of 110 wooded hectares, complete with pine trees, Quinta da Marinha is one Lisbon golf course that if you’re prepared to take a short drive from the city centre, you really should visit.

The Par 3 14th is, arguably, one of the most remarkable holes of any golf course in Lisbon. Requiring a precise shot atop a cliff to reach the green on the other side, even the most seasoned of golfers will find the hole a challenge. But, if it’s a challenge you’re after, this could be just the course for you.

Aroeira I and Aroeira II Golf Course

Opened in the 1970’s, Aroeira I was quickly dubbed the ‘Wentworth of Lisbon’ by many prominent UK journalists. A moniker that you may believe is hard to live up to – however, it is one that’s richly deserved. This 6,650-yard expanse is set amongst exquisite natural surroundings and is enveloped in tree-lined fairways. Be warned, golfers will need to bring their A-game to successfully navigate each hole from the tee.

Aroeira II may be the younger sibling of the two golf courses, though that doesn’t make it any less formidable. Designed as a European Tour standard course, Aroeira II features no less than 9 holes with a water hazard. Both courses are the perfect stop for scratch or low-handicap golfers staying near the Lisbon coast.

Troia Golf Course

Sitting on the Troia Peninsula sits our pick for a Lisbon golf course that you cannot afford to miss. Majestic, challenging and in a stunning location, Troia Golf Course hosts a plethora of golfers every single year.

Each hole has been meticulous-designed, but it’s the par 4 3rd hole that takes the mantle as one off, or the best coastal hole in Portugal. However, you don’t have to take our word for it, Robert Trent Jones, the notable golf course designer who designed more than 500 courses throughout his illustrious career labelled the hole as one of the best he’s ever designed.

Known for its intricate design, elevated tees and sloping greens, Troia Golf Course is a must-play for anyone touring Lisbon in search of the best golf courses to play.

So, there’s five of the best golf courses that Lisbon has to offer. The only real question is how long are you planning to visit Lisbon for and can you spare the time to visit all five?

Lisbon Car Hire

When visiting Lisbon if you want to get around, you’ll need to rent a car. Now, there’s little point in hiring a car if you intend to take a day trip to nearby Sintra or Cascais, but if you want to be self-sufficient and explore the city and surrounding areas, hiring a car is a necessity.

There are some fantastic deals to take advantage of providing the you book car hire ahead of time – something that we’d recommend. The later you leave it, especially in peak holiday times, the more likely car hire prices are to escalate.

So, how do you ensure that you get the best car hire deals when visiting Lisbon, save money and achieve hassle-free car hire in Lisbon? Follow the guide we’ve laid out below.

Plan Ahead

When travelling anywhere, make sure that you plan your route ahead of time. Fuel can be expensive and there are several different routes to reach your destination. Lisbon – and Portugal – features several toll roads, something that can add a few Euros or more to your budget.

If you’re planning a day trip to Albufeira in the Algarve, for example, you should expect to pay 20 Euros in tolls alone. A trip to Porto will cost you 22 Euros. It may not seem like much, but it all adds up.

Ask for a Transponder

If you plan to traverse Lisbon’s motorways, remember that they don’t have any toll booths. All transactions are done electronically. Travelling with a transponder allows you to use the special Via Verde lane on all motorway’s sans toll booth. Upon returning the car, all toll charges will be recorded on the transponder which you can then pay with ease.

Be Tentative about Driving into Lisbon

Like most bustling European cities, Lisbon is a bustling metropolis. This means that it’ll be heavy with traffic – especially on the weekdays. Unless you’re a supremely confident driver with vast experience driving around Lisbon, we’d recommend avoid driving directly into and around the city centre or narrow off the path streets.

Also, be aware that Lisbon features a wealth of parking meters and winding routes. If you don’t want to get slapped with a parking fine or get lost, it’s best to avoid areas you feel may be a bit ambitious for your knowledge and experience.

Use a GPS

Thankfully for motorists, the days of wrestling with a map on your knees whilst you look for signposts for anything the resembles your destination – or even civilization have long gone. All you need to calculate a route to where you want to go is use a GPS.

Why not download an app? This way you’ll have the direction to where you need to go in the palm of your hands! Most rental companies offer GPS hire for as little as 10 Euros a day, so make sure that you ask for one, before setting off.

Pay Upfront

It’s always advisable to pay for your car hire upfront. Not only are you likely to be eligible for a discount, but the rental company is likely to offer you a collision damage waiver. This is likely to be cheaper when you pay upfront too.

However, always be aware of any cancellation fees. Unless you’ve a carefully-scheduled itinerary, ask yourself if you need car hire. You may end up paying for car hire even if you cancel the booking.

Check Fuel Policy and Mileage

Most car hire companies in Lisbon have a full-to-full policy. This means that you will receive a full tank upon picking up the car – and that you should return the car with a full tank too.

This policy suits customers. A full-empty policy may not be in your favour. Why? You could end up paying for fuel that you don’t use, returning the car with a half or three-quarters full tank of fuel that you’ve paid for.

In addition, most car hire companies in Lisbon don’t limit car hire mileage. However, it’s always best to check their policy to make sure that you are fully aware of their terms and conditions.

Check the Car

Before driving away in tour hire car, always inspect the vehicle for any damage. Car hire companies are responsible for supplying cars in optimal working condition. If this isn’t the case, you’re perfectly within your rights to refuse the car or ask for another. Should you encounter one or a handful of issues when driving, you can also return the car. After all, safety first!

That’s our guide to car hire in Lisbon. Always be prudent and make sure that you know everything you need to about hiring a car and you’ll be able to enjoy happy and safe motoring when visiting Lisbon.

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Villas in Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal
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  • Two Bedroom Villas
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  • 2 Communal Swimming Pools
  • Terrace
  • Living Room with Fireplace
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • One Bathroom
  • Air Conditioning
  • Daily Maid Service
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Villa to rent in Ericeira
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Villas in Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal
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  • Three Bedroom Villas
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  • 2 Communal Swimming Pools
  • Terrace
  • Living Room with Fireplace
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • One Bathroom
  • Air Conditioning
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Sleeps 6

Villa to rent in Cascais
Ref: 003VP


  • Villa to rent in Cascais
  • 7 bedrooms
  • 5 bathroooms
  • Air conditioning
  • Private pool
  • WIFI
  • Table tennis
  • BBQ
  • Sleeps 18

Apartments in Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal
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  • Studio Apartments
  • Cascais
  • Communal Swimming Pools
  • Terrace/Balcony
  • Combined Living & Bedroom
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • One Bathroom
  • Air Conditioning
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Sleeps 2

Haven On Earth have a small selection of villas and apartments available for rent Cascais on the west coast of Portugal 30km from the capital. The coastal town of Cascais has some lovely neighbouring towns further down the coast aswell as inland such as Sintra and Estoril.

We have a number of villas and apartments located in Cascais with shared pools and and use of extensive facilites aswell as access to a new golf course.

More information

The coast of Lisbon is an increasingly popular holiday destination due to its mild climate, beautiful beaches, fantastic attractions and activities and the ease of getting there. Lisbon is the capital city and the largest city of Portugal located to the west of the country bordering the Atlantic Ocean where the River Tagus flows into it. There really is something to suit every taste that you may find it hard to decide what to do first and you will want to return again and again.

Whether you are a sun seeker, a keen golfer, a family or just looking for a relaxing break you will most certainly not be disappointed. The coast of Lisbon enjoys a mild climate and benefits from approximately 3300 hours of sunshine per year and the summers are usually warm and dry with temperatures averaging between 26 degrees and 29 degrees making the Lisbon coastline and ideal choice of holiday destination. The region is easily reached with direct flights from most major European cities arriving daily into Lisbon International Airport. Lisbon Airport is situated approximately 30 minutes away by car to the charming coastal town of Cascais.

Car hire is a good choice for those of you who like to have more freedom to discover all that the region has to offer at your own pace. Alternatively taxis and transfers can be arranged for you prior to arrival. Sun lovers will be able to take advantage of the various beautiful beaches and small coves along the Lisbon coast. Most of the beaches along the coastline are blue flag beaches and make an ideal escape for sun lovers who want to be by the sea. Amongst the beaches is well known Guincho beach, a large sandy beach located close to Cascais. This is a beautiful beach where sun seekers can enjoy soaking up the sun; it can be quite windy at times making it unsuitable for swimmers, but great for surfers when the wind dies down. Guincho beach is easily reached from Cascais by bus or car. For keen golfers there is no shortage of fantastic golf courses in the region.

Lisbon is becoming an increasingly popular golf destination with great golf courses and facilities to choose from. Those who are staying in Cascais may wish to take advantage of the fantastic 18 hole golf course at Quinta da Marinha; the course stretches among umbrella pines, windswept dunes and rocky outcrops which offer golfers of all levels a great challenge. Another well know 18 hole golf course situated approximately 9km north of Estoril is the Penha Longa Golf Course where golfers will be able to enjoy the stunning scenery. Lisbon and its surrounds are rich in architecture of varying types like Romanesque, Baroque, Gothic, traditional Portuguese and many more. Visitors to the region will not be short of activities and cultural experiences with ample supplies of museums, theatres, shopping, opera house and many others. Estoril is a seaside town close to Cascais famous for its Casino and home to several beaches. Not far from the town of Estoril is the Estoril Circuit that in the past held Formula One races and today hosts part of the Moto G.P. the beach of Tamariz can also be found in Estoril and has a number of bars and restaurants as well as a castle owned by the royal family of Monaco that overlooks it. A beachside promenade links Estoril with the charming coastal town of Cascais. Sintra is a beautiful and enchanting town that is well worth a visit with its stunning views of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. The town of Sintra is a World Heritage Site and offers visitors the chance to absorb its incredible history and Romantic architecture. Sintra is a great place to explore, you can take a walk through the narrow cobbled streets, visit the small shops that sell beautiful local handicrafts or relax in one of the many restaurants or cafes.

View Larger Map To make the most of the local attractions and what the Lisbon coastal area has on offer, you may wish to consider car hire so that you are free to enjoy the region at your own pace. To obtain quotes for flights click here. With so much to do in the Lisbon region including sporting and leisure activities, casinos, marinas, bars, caf�s, restaurants, shopping centres, beaches and so much more, you will find yourself returning again and again. To view all of our properties in the Lisbon region click here. If you require further information on the region, on the Villas and apartments in the Lisbon region or discuss your holiday plans, we are happy to help. Please get in touch either by phone and call us on +44 (0) 20 8941 1700 or email us by clicking here. Your holiday matters to us.

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